Natural green gemstone bead necklace
Chrome diopside necklace
Green Chrome diopside bead necklace by Vivienne Benz
Green chrome diopside gemstone bead necklace
Green gemstone bead necklace with 925 silver clasp
STARDUST Necklace, Green Chrome Diopside

STARDUST Necklace, Green Chrome Diopside

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Reach for the stars. This hand knotted gemstone necklace adds a pop of colour to every look. The STARDUST necklace is made of rich green facetted chrome diopside beads, each individually hand knotted on natural silk thread and finished with a gold plated sterling silver clasp.

STARDUST charms can be added to the necklace by simply hooking them into the clasp.


Material: 925 sterling silver, 18k gold plated
Gemstones: Chrome Diopside 
Bead size: 3 mm
Length: ~ 42 cm 

Since chrome diopside is a natural stone, there might be slight differences in form size and colour.