Sterling silver jellyfish necklace with malachite and freshwater pearls

MÉDUSE Necklace, malachite & pearls

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The MÉDUSE Necklace is inspired by the beauty of jellyfish drifting gracefully across the sea features. The hand-carved jellyfish pendant features a vivid green malachite and freshwater pearl details. A stunning statement piece that will elevate any look!



Material: 925 sterling silver 
Gemstones: malachite 
Length: 45 cm - 50 cm adjustable
Pendant Size: 48 mm x 18 mm
One of a kind


Malachite is a mineral that naturally forms above copper deposits deep in the earth. One of malachite’s most stand-out qualities is its deep green colour and its banded pattern. Due to its popularity in the ancient world, pigment made from malachite was used as eye makeup by ancient Egyptians and in paintings from Japan and China.