Light green tourmaline in hand carved tide pool pendant
Tide pool inspired organic texture pendant wit light green tourmaline

TIDE POOL Necklace, tourmaline

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Tide pools are small pockets of water that form during the tidal cycles. There are many marine species found in tide pools, from plants to animals like mussels, barnacles, starfish and crabs.
This handmade silver pendant showcases a light green tourmaline, surrounded by hand carved barnacles, starfishes and shells. 
This vintage inspired piece is the perfect way to express your love for the ocean and is sure to be a unique addition to your jewelry collection.



Material: 925 sterling silver 
Gemstones: Tourmaline 
Length: 45 cm - 50 cm adjustable
Pendant Size: 23 mm x 13 mm
One of a kind


Tourmaline is famous for its dazzling colours. From the deep blues and greens to light pinks and yellow, this stone comes in nearly every colour. Because of its colourful occurrences, tourmaline has been confused with other gemstones throughout history.