Raw aquamarine and pink sapphire pendant necklace by Vivienne Benz
Natural gemstone necklaces, shooting star
Natural aquamarine and padparadscha sapphire pendant necklace

SHOOTING STAR Necklace, Aquamarine & Sapphire

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Reach for the stars with this one of a kind SHOOTING STAR necklace. This pendant features a natural raw aquamarine point accentuated by a facetted padparadscha pink sapphire.


Material: 24k Gold vermeil on 925 sterling silver
Gemstones: Aquamarine, sapphire 
Pendant size: 25 x 5 mm
Chain length: 45 - 50 cm, adjustable 


What is gold vermeil?

The word vermeil refers to 925 sterling silver that is plated in a thick layer of gold. For our vermeil jewellery we use a plating of 24k gold to give our pieces that rich golden glow and make them more durable and long lasting.