Dainty Heart of the ocean necklace with blue sapphire
HEART OF THE OCEAN Necklace, blue sapphire

HEART OF THE OCEAN Necklace, blue sapphire

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This one of a kind necklace inspired by the depths of the ocean, is sure to captivate hearts. Delicately handmade in sterling silver, it's adorned with a heart shaped natural blue sapphire. Wear it for a special occasion and make a lasting impression.



Material: 925 sterling silver 
Gemstones: blue sapphire 
Length: 40 cm - 45 cm adjustable
Pendant Size: 13 mm x 8 mm
One of a kind


Sapphires are among the hardest and most precious gems on Earth, with only diamonds being harder.
For centuries, sapphires have been the epitome of royalty and romance. With their rich, deep blue hue they have captured the hearts of many civilizations throughout history.

Though blue is the most well known color of sapphire, this glittering gemstone comes in all colors of the rainbow.