Crystal grotto Herkimer Quarz pendant
Clear quartz pendant with hand carved organic crystal textures

CRYSTAL GROTTO Necklace, quartz

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Discover the CRYSTAL GROTTO Necklace, crafted with a Herkimer quartz and handmade in sterling silver. Inspired by the enchantment of underwater grottoes, the pendant is encrusted with hand carved crystal textures, perfect for adding an ethereal sparkle to any look. Embrace the beauty of nature and its secrets!



Material: 925 sterling silver 
Gemstones: Herkimer quartz
Length: 55 cm adjustable
Pendant Size: 27 mm x 20 mm
One of a kind

Herkimer quartz 

Herkimer quartz, also called “Herkimer diamonds”, are double-terminated quartz crystals. These gems have a diamond like look and a high degree of brightness. Their many facets and great clarity give them a natural sparkle. Each of these stones has their own unique features and shapes.